Hillary set up her own server in Chappaqua for secret e-mails

There was no danger of subpoenas forcing Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or any other outside e-mail service to turn over her official e-mails with the extra trouble Hillary Clinton took in setting up the secret e-mail accounts she and her top aides used to conduct official business.  Jack Gillum and Ted Bridis of the AP report:

The computer server that transmitted and received Hillary Clinton's emails - on a private account she used exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state - traced back to an Internet service registered to her family's home in Chappaqua, New York, according to Internet records reviewed by The Associated Press.

Going to the trouble of setting up a proprietary server for e-mail suggests an enormous amount of premeditation in keeping total control over access to her official communications.  Evidently, she planned on doing things that she did not want the public to learn of.  Given the amount of money for the Clinton Foundation raised from foreign governments, that is understandable.  Though it does raise the question of what else she had in mind.

There were risks, of course:

… homebrew email servers are generally not as reliable, secure from hackers or protected from fires or floods as those in commercial data centers. Those professional facilities provide monitoring for viruses or hacking attempts, regulated temperatures, off-site backups, generators in case of power outages, fire-suppression systems and redundant communications lines.

These risks were obviously balanced against the risk of public access to her communications.  We don’t know exactly what, beyond the fundraising from foreign governments, she wanted hidden, but they must have been substantial concerns.

There is also a mysterious man involved, a cover identity employed worthy of a spy operation:

It was unclear whom Clinton hired to set up or maintain her private email server, which the AP traced to a mysterious identity, Eric Hoteham. That name does not appear in public records databases, campaign contribution records or Internet background searches. Hoteham was listed as the customer at Clinton's $1.7 million home on Old House Lane in Chappaqua in records registering the Internet address for her email server since August 2010.

The Hoteham personality also is associated with a separate email server, presidentclinton.com, and a non-functioning website, wjcoffice.com, all linked to the same residential Internet account as Mrs. Clinton's email server. The former president's full name is William Jefferson Clinton.

So the Clinton, Inc. organization used the same mysterious operative to cover its tracks on matters relating to Bill Clinton as well, it would appear.  Wouldn’t want planning for thise those trips to Orgy Island exposed to public view, after all, I guess.

We have here an elaborate, costly, and complex operation designed to thwart the requirements of public disclosure and keep communications under the personal control of the Clintons.  So complex, it seems, that problems were encountered:

In November 2012, without explanation, Clinton's private email account was reconfigured to use Google's servers as a backup in case her own personal email server failed, according to Internet records.

This occurred at the time that Barack Obama was re-elected and Mrs. Clinton announced she would not serve a second term as secretary of state.  E-mails from that time forward could potentially be subject to subpoena from the backup files controlled by Google.  But by then, perhaps there were no more deals involving things the public had to be kept in the dark about.  Meanwhile, should the need arise, the pre-11/12 e-mails could disappear forever with the right kind of convenient computer crash in the basement at Chappaqua.

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