Hillary playing it coy over presser to address e-mail scandal

In tones more characteristic of  1950s Kremlinologists than American reporters covering politicians, Glenn Thrush and Josh Gerstein of Politico suss out the possibility that Hillary Clinton may speak about the private e-mail scandal “in the next several days.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton is likely to hold a press conference in New York in the next several days to answer reporters questions about a controversy surrounding her use of a private email account at the State Department, according to three people close to the potential Democratic frontrunner.

She has already been twisting in the wind for ten days over the discovery that she concealed her official correspondence from congressional investigators (and everyone else, including the National Archives), but she just can’t bring herself to be forthright on her plans to answer questions, much less the answers themselves.

Like Jayne Mansfield in the iconic rock and roll movie of the 1950s, The Girl Can’t Help It.

Obviously, she is huddling with her advisors, including Lanny Davis, James Carville, Cheryl Mills, and maybe even the ghost of Vince Foster (after all, she once supposedly communed with the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt), trying to figure out how to explain away her violation of the Public Records Act.  And so difficult is this task that no timeline can be committed to, much less a format.

Instead, she is dithering, unwilling to face the music with a prompt and full press conference – the way, for instance, Chris Christie handled the traffic cone controversy, answering as many questions as the press wished to ask.  Does anyone think that Hillary would ever face the media in such a forthright manner?

Even the Washington Post editorial board is complaining about her stonewall and demanding answers, so these games cannot last much longer.  But old habits die hard.  The girl can't help it; she just can't help it.