Hillary Clinton and brain cancer

Not Hillary Clinton “has” brain cancer; Hillary Clinton “is” brain cancer.  She represents a cancer of the worst sort to the republic that was once strong and healthy.  Just as cancer is self-serving and unconcerned about harm to its host, Hillary thinks only of herself and how she can be fed and survive.  There are actually parts of the republic that now protect this cancer.  This cancer has established sources of money and support like a brain tumor with its own private blood supply.

Normal healthy cells of the republic are good for the body; cancerous cells are not.  They keep their communications hidden and then do things like print 110 reams of paper for selected e-mails to turn over to the republic rather than simply copy files to an external drive.

This 18-foot-high stack of paper will require an immense amount of time and resources to convert back to the electronic form that was/is in the possession of Hillary.  During this time it will not be available to effectively search and investigate.  Why would “Brain Cancer” Hillary, who loves and is loved by environmentalists, go to all that trouble and waste to print those 55,000 pages of e-mails?  Because it was more convenient?  Why would she, who loves and is loved by a great many career government employees, wish to cause all that trouble and waste to convert those pages back to electronic form?

I am a single tiny white blood cell.  A T-cell.  (A Tea Party cell?)  I am little and simple.  What can I do against this cancer?  Although I am only one cell, I can do my part.  I can recognize it and work to stop it.  I can point it out so others can join in to arrest this cancer.  I can join with other cells who already have seen the cancer at work, sucking great gobs of money to feed its own purposes.  Together we must try to stop this cancer before it kills the republic.

Of course, sadly, Hillary is not the only cancer affecting this once great body.  There are many others.  Some are currently in later stages and are a bigger threat than Hillary.  But early detection is important.  Maybe there is a chance to stop this cancer before it metastasizes in the next year or two.  We T-cells are also many.  A single cell has no chance against all the cancer, but a great many cells do if they unite against it.

Abraham Lincoln once asked if this nation, conceived in Liberty, can long endure.  That question remains.  It is always before us.  Although today it rings in our ears because this nation is gravely ill.  Are we too sick to rouse ourselves?  Can we still recognize the various cancers in us, or are we too far gone and the cancer now become the host?  Are there enough cancer-fighting cells left, with energy and desire to save the republic?

I believe that this nation elected its current president based not on the content of his character, but primarily on the color of his skin.  Let us not invite further disaster by electing another president based on her gender rather than on her character.