Hillary amnesia strikes former top aide to Clinton at State Dept.

“I have no recollection” is a term of art in Washington, D.C. that enables someone under oath to avoid perjury charges should he or she later be shown to have known about something that would be incriminating if acknowledged.  When Mrs. Clinton’s deputy secretary of state for management and resources between 2009 and 2010 – the person “responsible for enforcing the department policy regarding the use of personal email accounts and record retention” – says that he doesn’t “recall having a lot of conversations, any conversations that I remember, on that,” my spidey-sense starts tingling.

That tingling gets stronger when the person in question is asked if he happened to notice the return address on e-mails received from his boss, Secretary of State Clinton, and responds, “I did e-mail with her from time to time, and I don’t remember exactly how it showed up.”

All of this is very worrisome.  Heck, it is downright suspicious.

So who is this high-level underling?  Not some anonymous bureaucrat who went back into his hole after a brief period in the upper reaches of the State Department.  No siree, it is none other than Jack Lew, current secretary of the treasury.  Thanks to Ian Talley of the Wall Street Journal, we now understand that the man charged with safeguarding the fiscal integrity of our Republic has a very bad memory and/or doesn’t pay much attention to details.

The old saying about leaders and those they hire goes, “As hire As, Bs hire Cs.”  Left unsaid is that Cs hire Ds.  Seems to about sum it up.  Or else something much worse is going on.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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