Hawaii abuzz with talk of rumored purchase of beach-front estate for Obama

A very famous 3-acre beachfront estate has been purchased by wealthy people linked to President Obama, and many neighbors are convinced it will be one of his post-residency homes. It is a luxurious mansion suitable for a plutocrat, which is what recent Democrat presidents (and even VP Al Gore) seem to become once they leave office. 

KHON TV in Honolulu reports:

One of Hawaii’s best-known homes was sold this week.

The stunning three-acre oceanfront parcel along Waimanalo Beach was made famous in the “Magnum P.I.” television series, but who might spend time there next may give it even more notoriety.

Image via Google Earth

There are some very interesting fingerprints on the deal. The station

…reviewed the deed and mortgage and found the buyer is an LLC called Waimanalo Paradise, set up just last month, whose mailing address and contact is Obama donor and Chicago lawyer Seth Madorsky.

The deed and the mortgage are signed by a person with the same name, Judy Grimanis, as an executive assistant at a Chicago-based private capital firm run by Obama’s longtime friend and frequent Hawaii golf and travel partner Marty Nesbitt. Grimanis is also the same name of a person who worked for companies owned by Penny Pritzker, a prominent Obama fundraiser and current U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

After KHON2’s story first aired, Nesbitt responded to Always Investigating, stating “I am the sole purchaser and did not have any partners or co-investors in the transaction.”

The station notes that the mortgage taken out on the property is a million dollars more than the 9.5 million dollars purchase price, indicating substantial renovations are being planned.

Of course it is possible this is all just coincidence. But neighbors don’t seem to think so:

“People on the beach here think it’s Obama, and some people like me are thrilled at the prospect,” said Lee Siegel, who owns a neighboring home. “It’s wonderful. My dog there can’t wait to play with Bo.”

I don’t think anyone believes ex-president Obama will spend all his time in Hawaii. But a getaway from New York City winters would be nice to have.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol