Gore 2016: 'Here Comes the Sun'

As we consider alternatives to a Hillary Clinton candidacy, we hear of Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, former governor O'Malley, and others.  

Let me put Al Gore's name on the table.

Mr Gore would bring a lot to a disenchanted base:

1) He can remind everyone that Bush stole the election, a topic that they love at the left-wing precints;
2) He can attack the decision to invade Iraq;
3) He can blame everything on Cheney, another popular rally line; and
4) Nobody gives a better speech on global warming.

The left needs a lift these days, and Al Gore, with  "Here Comes the Sun" in the background, would play well in primaries.

Gore won't remind the base of  his hawkish statements about Iraq, or that he didn't win Tennessee in 2000, or that the global warming meme is more and more controversial.  He won't bring up the fact that the Clinton-Gore record on trade agreements drove many liberals like Michael Moore to Ralph Nader.  Last, but not least, it was the Clinton-Gore administration that gave us "rendition" jails, where terrorists were detained without trial back then.

We won't hear any of that from Al Gore, but then again, reality is not what the left is about.  

A Gore candidacy is the fairy tale that so many in the left need!  

So "Here Comes the Sun" is my choice for the theme song.  Get ready, because here comes Al!

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