GOP senators called 'traitors' over letter to Iran on nuke deal

Democrats and their media allies are hitting back hard over the letter (text here) sent by 47 GOP senators to Iran, reminding the mullahs that any deal that is not ratified by the Senate could be reversed by the next president.  From the White House Briefing Room, Josh Earnest resorted to the n-word (neocons), claiming that the nefarious heirs of Bush are “using a masked ‘civics lesson’ to push for a ‘military option’ instead of negotiations.” “Sen. Cotton has referred to his strategy to undermine this deal as an effort to prevent a diplomatic agreement,” adding, “so it is clear what their strategy is. If they want to mask it as part of a sort of civics lesson they want to share with Iranian political leadership, they are welcome to do that.” He concluded, “The only option to these sort of diplomatic, to a diplomatic agreement, that any body else  has raised  is a military option and...(Read Full Post)