Ferguson cop shooter's story spinning out of control

The spin surrounding the alleged Ferguson cop-shooter, Jeffrey Williams, keeps getting weirder and weirder.  On Monday, a protest organizer, Derrick Robinson, who also goes by the name Bishop D. Demond Robinson, told MSNBC's Tamron Hall that the March 12 shooting of two officers outside Ferguson's police department was a set-up.

"Set up by who?" asked Hall.

“Police,” Robinson said simply.  “I think he was set up by – I would farther and say some of the police!  The story just does not add up."



Robinson went on to say Williams was "brutally beaten" when he was arrested, "and I think he was coerced to, he was not even given an opportunity to seek counsel. The police beat him to confessing."

Before the alleged police brutality remark, Robinson contradicted himself, saying Williams told him he "was sorry" for the shooting, "wished he had not done it," and was reacting out of "frustration and anger."

Robinson told the LA Times a similar story: "He was very remorseful, very apologetic, saying that's not what his heart's desire [was] to do, and he wished he could replay it over again."

In the MSNBC interview, when Hall asked Robinson if, after meeting with Williams in jail this past Sunday, the alleged gunman told him he was "targeting police," Robinson said Williams had not told him that, but "I know he wasn't targeting the protesters ... because in this community, all of us, we're family, protesters, people, we're family, as a family that's what we do, we protect each other."

Yet Robinson told Hall and the LA Times that Williams was not part of the protest "family" up until the day of the shooting.

From YouTube video:

As a lead organizer in the protest movement, uh, uh, he had not been a protester...he was actually coming out that afternoon to see what was going on but he had never protested before.

From LA Times:

He hasn’t protested. He wasn’t actually a protester. He was actually coming out to support one night and just kind of being there to support the people.

On his Facebook page at 2:55 am March 12, "an hour" after the shooting, Robinson concluded that the shooter was a lone wolf and wrote this:

Two officers shot earlier about an hour ago here in Ferguson! Let's pray for the healing of our community. The shots were done so perfectly that it wasn't a street shooter it was a professional shooter. Something the protesters wouldn't have done!

So in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Robinson, who suggests he was on the scene, had no doubt the police officers were the shooter's target.

This contradicts Williams's attorney's recent statement that this was not an "ambush shooting, those officers were shot accidentally," according to ABC News.

It also contradicts what Robinson says Williams told him during Robinson's jail visit with the suspect on Sunday.  Williams allegedly told Robinson he had been robbed by some of the protesters earlier in the day of the shooting and had returned to the protest scene for revenge.

Then on Monday, March 16, Williams's lawyer, Jerryl Christmas, diverted attention away from his client's guilt or innocence by accusing the Ferguson police of brutally beating Williams, repeating Robinson's claim from Monday's MSNBC interview.

Interestingly, on March 13 at 1:24 AM, a day after the shooting, Robinson wrote this post on his Facebook page:

Just made it home!! What an awesome night at the Ferguson PD, we had peaceful protest! We will make sure that I[sic] narrative of the story is told right.

Robinson doesn't specify what "narrative" he is referring to.  Is he talking about the shooting of the police officers?  Or about the "professional shooter"?  Since Jeffrey Williams was not arrested until March 14, Robinson couldn't have known the identity of the gunman.

What about Robinson's sudden proximity to Williams?  Robinson told Hall he visited the 20-year-old in jail because he wanted to give him "wisdom and counsel."  As the founder of Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International, a Pastoral Alliance "that is mandated to empower, equip and build up 21st Century Leaders in the US and throughout the world" and is headquartered in St. Louis, Bishop Robinson has been part of the Ferguson movement since the beginning.

A YouTube video posted on November 29 has Robinson revving up the crowd to "shut it down."  A blog shows him being arrested during a mall shutdown when Ferguson protesters targeted retail businesses on Black Friday.



So does Robinson know more than he's saying about the targeting of the Ferguson police officers?  As Robinson told MSNBC's Tamron Hall on Monday, something doesn't add up.

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