Destroying government documents: super-funny?

Another day, another sign that the U.S. news media is either silly or in the tank for Democrats.

On Tuesday, Senator Clinton spoke and got the reporters to laugh a lot.  Frankly, I did not know that the lady was so funny.  Who wrote her lines?  This is a bit from the little chat:

Clinton, referencing past media coverage, said at Monday's dinner that she was embracing new beginnings - whether it was a new grandchild, a new hairstyle, a new email account or new relationship with the press.

"No more secrecy, no more zone of privacy - after all what good did that do me," Clinton said to laughter.

There are non-disclosure agreements crafted by her lawyers underneath everyone's chairs, Clinton quipped.

The annual Toner award commemorates the work of the late New York Times correspondent Robin Toner. The Washington Post's Dan Balz won this year's award. (Reporting By Amanda Becker in Washington; Editing by Bernard Orr)

Darn it.  What if President Nixon had said to the media, I should have burned those tapes. [Laughter.]  We were only checking up on McGovern's March Madness bracket hiding at the Watergate offices.  [Laughter.]  I promise a new relationship with the press [laughter]; my new relationship with the media is that I don't answer your questions.  [Laughter and more laughter.]

What we saw between Secretary Clinton and the press was not funny.  It was sad.  It was embarrassing. 

Why didn't one of our distinguished men and women of the media walk out in protest?  One of them could have said, You are shameless Mrs. Clinton – utterly shameless!

Why are so many people not buying the newspapers and turning off the mainstream media?  Yes, it's because of the internet.  The biggest reason is because the media has discredited itself, from the pathetic in-the-tank performance for Obama to this episode with Clinton.

It's not funny that she was using a private e-mail or allegedly destroyed thousands of documents.  It's called destruction of federal documents, and people go to jail for stuff like that.

Stop laughing and start reporting.

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