Clapper: Pay no attention to those 40 jihadists returning to America from Syria

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper fancies himself an astute judge of Islam. In 2011, he claimed that we don't have to worry about the Muslim Brotherhood because they were "moderate" and "secular." When the Brotherhood took over Egypt, they immediately began to do what they promised they wouldn't; establish sharia law and eliminate the oppositon. Real moderate and secular, eh? Clapper is at it again, saying yesterday that the 40 American jihadists who fought in Syria "are not a threat to the US." The Hill: The few dozen Americans who have gone to join militant groups fighting in Syria and then come back home don’t pose a threat to the U.S., according to the nation’s top intelligence official. About “40 or so” Americans have left to fight with the groups and then come home, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said during an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on...(Read Full Post)