Brunch patrons fight back against #BlackBrunch protesters in suburban Atlanta and Minneapolis

Some sort of tipping point seems to have been reached, with Sunday morning brunch patrons no longer willing to sit passively as noisy protesters attempt to guilt-trip them about being white, or having the disposable income to go out for a nice brunch, or something (in my view, mostly anger about being such losers).  Gateway Pundit reports on the pushback in Atlanta and Minneapolis eateries yesterday. In Atlanta:

Black Brunch protesters invaded several Decatur, Georgia restaurants on Sunday. Protesters report two establishments called police, with managers from Sweet Melissa’s trying unsuccessfully to throw them out.

“Sweet Melissa’s staff attempts to get out #BlackBrunchATL, calls cops. @Ellevation_ like: “don’t touch me!””

Some customers at Sweet Melissa’s reportedly pushed and talked back against the protes “#BlackBrunchATL received a number of threats/shoves at Sweet Melissa’s. “Our breakfast matters” erupted from a table.”

One white man sitting at a table with Black friends was filmed vocally objecting to the protest, repeatedly saying, “You’re stirring up conflict”, and at one point telling the protesters to “go home”.


Meanwhile, In Excelsior, Minnesota, which is located on the shores of Lake Minnetonka:

“Just left a very hostile moment at Maynard’s in Excelsior. Owners physically pushing us and snatching signs. #BlackBrunchMN”

“The whole restaurant yelled and swore at us. A man followed us outside to keep yelling asking us if white lives matter too. #BlackBrunchMN”

Black Brunch protesters in Excelsior, Minnesota were run out of Maynard’s restaurantSunday morning by angry customers and staff. The reaction was so swift one protester said they did not have time to take photos.

“And now I’m at my family’s house and can’t even process #BlackBrunchMN. Sending love to my protest family.”

“#BlackBrunchMN at Maynard’s was so elevated and violent so fast that I couldn’t even tweet or take pictures.”

Protesters complained the owners put their hands on them, took their signs and encouraged patrons to yell at them.

 “Just left a very hostile moment at Maynard’s in Excelsior. Owners physically pushing us and snatching signs. #BlackBrunchMN”

“They said get out, chanted white lives, blue lives, put their hands on us. Our signs were taken. But I’ve been thru worse. #BlackBrunchMN

It is clear to me that a dedicated coterie of activists is intent on harassing people.  This is stupid and obnoxious, and so self-centered that people express surprise when there is resistance.  This will not end well.