Blowback for flag-banning student government at UC Irvine?

The anti-America brainwashing of the American education system reached some kind of apogee with the vote of the UC Irvine student council  (the “Associated Students of the University of California”) to ban the American flag in its main lobby, on a vote of 6 yea, 4 nay, and 2 abstentions.

That ban was overridden by the executive committee of the student council on a 4-1 vote, perhaps aware of the damage being done to the value of a degree from that school.  Now, there is the beginning of blowback for the original majority from a group calling itself Americanstrong:

Even if it does not succeed, I like the idea of publicly shaming these left-wing twits.  They have damaged their school more than they realize.

Hat tip: iOTW Report