Big fat 'no comment' from State Dept. and WH on reports that Valerie Jarrett orchestrated Hillary e-mail server story

Well whaddya know!  They’re not denying it.  Jeffrey Scott Shapiro in the Washington Times:

The State Department declined to comment Sunday on whether senior White House aide Valerie Jarrett had ordered the federal agency to launch a series of probes into former Secretary of StateHillary Rodham Clinton, as the New York Post has reported.

“The Department of State refers you to the White House regarding questions about Ms. Jarrett,” an agency press official told The Washington Times Sunday night.

For its part, the White House did not respond to requests from the Times for comment about that issue or about whether Ms. Jarrett was in any way involved in leaking to the media the information for a week of embarrassing stories about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server.

I wrote yesterday about Ed Klein’s allegations of Jarrett’s fine hand being behind the leak to the New York Times of Hillary’s private e-mail server used for State Department correspondence:

 According to Ed Klein, writing in the New York Post, President Valerie Jarrett was the source of the information published by the New York Ties on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for all her official correspondence as secretary of state. Befitting her status as a behind-the-scenes puppeteer, Jarrett alleged used cut-outs to feed the information to the media, keeping her fingerprints off the dirty Dem-on-Dem deed. Echoing a joke I made five days ago, Klein calls it a “vast left wing conspiracy.”

Of course, stories do change when it comes to Mrs. Clinton, and in the cold light of the new week, we may find some comment coming our way from the State Department or White House.  For now, their silence is eloquent, but for Mrs. Clinton, not golden.