Biden surrogate: Hillary will 'die by 1,000 cuts' over email

The role of the Fool in medieval courts was to speak awkward truths to the king that no sane person would dare to utter. It is not much of a stretch to consider Joe Biden a fool, and by extension, his surrogates as well. So when Dick Harpootlian, a longstanding Democrat fundraiser and operative and now one of Biden’s principal backers for president spoke out on the Hillary email scandal, he said things ordinary Democrats could not. Philip Rucker of the Washington Post writes:

One of Vice President Biden's most prominent supporters said Wednesday that twin controversies swirling around Hillary Rodham Clinton should give Democrats serious pause about anointing her as the party's presidential nominee.

Dick Harpootlian, a former Democratic Party chairman in South Carolina, home to an early and important presidential primary, said recent reports about Clinton's use of private e-mail to conduct government business and her family's charitable foundation accepting donations from foreign governments while she was secretary of state could be damaging to her likely 2016 presidential campaign.

"There’s always another shoe to drop with Hillary," Harpootlian said in an interview Wednesday. "Do we nominate her not knowing what’s in those e-mails?... If the e-mails were just her and her family and friends canoodling about fashion and what they’re going to do next week, that’s one thing. But the fact that she’s already turned e-mails to the Benghazi committee because she was doing official business on it means she’s going to die by 1,000 cuts on this one."

The New York Times and Bloomberg both interviewed non-fool (i.e., terrified of Hillary’s wrath) Democrats who made the point that Hillary has overcome so many scandals that this could hardly matter. No mention of straws and camels’ backs, no consideration that she is running for president, not first lady, nor any consideration of how her husband’s charm is such a contrast to her grating voice and annoying regal airs.

I think Elizabeth Warren is biding her time. No need yet to spring from the tall grass. The less time she is a candidate, the better, for there‘s a lot of vetting to be done on her.  A wounded Hildebeast wildebeest on the savannah attracts attacks. All the better for Warren (or any other potential challenger) to let events play themselves out and step in at the last minute to rescues the party from going down with Hillary, whom a lot of Democrats now realize is a terrible candidate.