Another contrived 'official business' vacation for FLOTUS and the girls

Mrs. Obama has announced another initiative in advance of her upcoming spring break trip to Japan and Cambodia. This new multi-million dollar ruse to see the world is so far-fetched I had to do a double-take. The First Couple launched “Let Girls Learn” on March 3 in hopes of helping tens of millions of young women go to school. Michelle stated, “I see myself in these girls. I see our daughters in these girls” of  Albania, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Georgia, Ghana, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Togo and Uganda.

Whenever the President’s wife sees herself in others, taxpayers get stiffed.

Back in 2013 the First Lady saw herself in the students of a struggling, inner city Chicago high school. "There isn’t much distance between you and me,” she told them. Earlier the same day at a fundraising lunch  for a public-private partnership aimed at giving support to young Chicagoans, Michelle compared herself to a brutally murdered 15-year old girl: "Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her."

Before that Michelle pushed her multi-billion dollar Let's Move campaign. She called herself "a busy single mother" because "when you've got the husband who's president, it can feel a little single." In the same interview FLOTUS claimed she was a "busy, working mom" before coming to the White House with little time to work or shop like so many mothers.

The First Lady’s manufactured identity crises would be laughable if they weren't so transparent and costly. There is absolutely no doubt this Far East vacation fails the smell test. Obama says the stops in Tokyo and Kyoto will allow her to partner with the wife of Japan’s prime minister because they both share a passion for girls’ education. How lucky for Michelle the destination cities are tourist wonderlands. Kyoto is the center of Japanese traditional culture and Tokyo has luxurious stores and shops for the most discerning of world travelers.

As for Cambodia, Mrs. Obama is headed to Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia. Siem Reap is a popular resort town with colonial and Chinese-style architecture in the Old French Quarter, museums, hotels, resorts, restaurants and tourist businesses. The city is the ideal destination for the extravagant Michelle and her girls but taxpayers beware. Cambodia does have a child prostitution and sex trafficking problem which means we’ll probably have to pony up extra security detail for Malia and Sasha.

Mrs. Obama may need to watch herself, too. One gotcha question from the press on her educational plans for Cambodia could lead to a perceived slight by Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen. He’s known as a ruthless despot with a heavy hand when it comes to criticism. But for her diplomatic status, Michelle's "I see myself in the Cambodian people" schtick might land her before one of his kangaroo courts.

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