A public service announcement for 'unvaccinated travelers'

Presented as a part of a public service announcement on the radio for the local Pittsburgh-area Allegheny County Health Department, a new term has been coined for our times: "unvaccinated traveler."  Posing an apparent new health concern, who exactly are these unvaccinated travelers?

With a bit of thought and experience with the liberal language-origami game, it is likely that our unvaccinated travelers are in reality President Obama's semi-invited illegal alien guests.  As an unfortunate add-on to the president facilitating and otherwise encouraging the flooding of the country with mostly unhealthy, uneducated children and low- or no-income adult travelers, the president also opted to initiate a new game we could call "hide the unvaccinated traveler."  Recently lamented by Nebraska's governor, 200 children who entered the country illegally were sent to his state in a single week without warning, and the federal officials refused to identify them or their locations.   

Our tax dollars are being used to transport these unvaccinated travelers throughout the country, including at least eight to Hawaii, among other destinations.  After all, what traveler wouldn't enjoy a travel-expense paid trip to Hawaii?

Well-reported in the media are the third-world diseases being brought to this country by the influx of unvaccinated travelers...dengue, swine flu, TB, scabies, and measles, among many others, and as an added bonus a proliferation of a once-rare enterovirus causing polio-like symptoms, paralysis, and even death to children around the country.  Border patrol agents, those working with the unvaccinated travelers and their families, have contracted these diseases, with the risk of further spreading the diseases in their own communities.  Additionally, our unvaccinated travelers may not show symptoms of these third-world disease, but still be carriers, ensuring a robust distribution throughout our country.

The unvaccinated travelers are just the newest slice of the illegal alien pie.  Thousands have poured and continue to pour over our southern border, to obtain their free share of the American dream.  Higher taxes for schools, hospitals, and other social services; higher unemployment; and reduced wages, to name a few, are the outcomes for America's citizens. 

Obviously, those with bad intentions or ill will for America would never think to use this open border avenue to penetrate our ironclad homeland security.  Of course, there is an increased potential for terrorists to penetrate the homeland security border sieve and facilitate violence like mass shootings, explosive or dirty bombs, ad infinitum.   

From a humanitarian perspective, who would deny the social niceties we enjoy here in our country?  Even basic sanitation is an upgrade for many who enter the country illegally.  But why should we unfairly limit access to our country to those who can walk or drive across the border?  Perhaps we should provide taxpayer-funded airfare or luxury liner boat transportation to our shores. 

Unfortunately, our social services financial buffering capacity is finite.  A quote comes to mind attributable to Margaret Thatcher: "the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."  If we kill the American goose that lays the golden eggs, the goose that provides financial, humanitarian, medical, and military assistance across the world, all the while providing for its own citizens, we will eventually suffer an equal outcome, and those who rely upon us will be left without.  Based on President Obama's own writings and statements, a degraded condition for Americans – equal outcome with other less well-off countries – may be pleasing to him. 

Contemplate that one day, you or your progeny may find yourselves planning to sneak over the border to Mexico to improve your life experience.  The moral to the Allegheny County Health Department's radio announcement is clear: make sure that you and your kids are vaccinated, so that you do not become the unvaccinated traveler in some future Mexican town's public service announcement.

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