Republicans need to learn how to turn the tables on the MSM

The Republicans have a serious messaging problem. Either they are totally clueless when it comes to public relations or they're just "Democrat Lites" as they've been described over the years. With the issue of funding homeland security ruling the headlines at this time, Republicans need to be  talking every day whether it be news conferences, media interviews, Sunday morning news shows or speeches on the House floor, but get it out loud and clear to the public the reason why they are not defunding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), rather it is Obama that would be defunding it because of his refusal to sign a bill that includes defunding his illegal executive order on immigration. As usual, they are letting the media and the Democrats drive the narrative and get the better of them. The Republicans have the majority of the country behind them on the issue of immigration and against Obama's executive action to give them...(Read Full Post)
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