Whoopsie: Colorado CIty bomber was not targeting the NAACP

When a bomb went off in a building in Colorado City housing the local offices of the NAACP, liberals rushed to condemn this "hate crime" and government rushed to blame "domestic terrorism."

The NAACP angrily demanded justice:

The national leader of the NAACP says people should not be deterred from pursuing justice while possible hate crimes are being investigated, including an attempted bombing in Colorado Springs near the headquarters of the NAACP.

Cornell William Brooks told hundreds of people in Colorado Springs on Saturday that they should continue to fight bigotry, voter disenfranchisement, income inequality and unfairness in the criminal injustice system.

There's only one, teensy, tiny problem: The bomber wasn't targeting black folk. According to a sworn affadavit, he was mad at an accountant in a tax preparation office in the same building of the NAACP headquarters.


9Wants to Know has learned a man has been arrested in connection with a bombing that occurred at a building housing the NAACP and other businesses.

Investigators are looking into the possibility a tax preparation business may have been the target of the bombing as opposed to the NAACP.

Thaddeus Murphy, 44, of Colorado Springs has been arrested by federal law enforcement officials, but so far charges haven't been officially filed against him.

9Wants to Know has learned Murphy was taken into federal custody sometime on Thursday.

According to high-level sources close to the investigation, Murphy's home was searched, and investigators found items that connect to the

The FBI, ATF and Colorado Springs law enforcement officers were seen executing a search warrant in Colorado Springs on Thursday.

Murphy told investigators he intended to target the tax preparation company and not the NAACP during an interview, according to sources.

An affidavit said Murphy was targeting an accountant named Steve Dehaven who "wouldn't return to him his tax records from 2006 to the present and wouldn't return his phone calls." The affidavit says Murphy had to file bankruptcy and needed the records due to his financial issues.

The affidavit claimed he "flipped out" and "built the pipe bomb as a warning."

The bomber has something in common with liberals; they, too, flipped out when news of the bombing was announced.

So now, of course, liberals are rushing to amend their postings on this "hate crime" and apologize for their mistake, right?


According to Channel 9 News in Colorado Springs, Colorado, police just arrested Thaddeus Murphy in connection with the bombing of an NAACP office earlier this year.

Details are forthcoming, but early reports state that Murphy claims he wasn't trying to harm the NAACP office, but a local tax office connected to it.

The bomb, also called an improvised explosive device (IED), was set off next to the exterior wall of the local offices of the Colorado Springs NAACP headquarters. According to the FBI and pictures from the scene, a gas can next to the bomb, intended to make the destruction worse, did not catch fire when the bomb was detonated.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but the fear it struck in the local community and in citizens concerned for issues of racial justice everywhere were felt immediately. In 1951, NAACP leaders Harry and Harriet Moore were killed when their Florida home was bombed by domestic terrorists on Christmas Day. No suspects were ever convicted, charged, or even arrested for their murders.

Just 12 hours before the bomb was detonated in Colorado Springs, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund publicly announced it was asking Missouri Circuit Court Judge Maura McShane to consider appointing a special prosecutor in the case against former Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson.

The bomb was not set off near an exterior wall of the NAACP office. It was set off next to an exterior wall of a barber shop. What Ferguson and a 1951 bombing in Florida has to do with this incident is a total mystery - except I suppose the author feels it necessary to say something profoundly irrelevant about a man targeting an accountant.

We can all learn a lesson about jumping to conclusions. You are more often than not made to look ridiculous if you do.


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