WashPost: Global warming tides will carry screaming Eskimos out to sea

The giant 600-foot tidal wave roared large over the remote Eskimo village of Kivalina.  Kumaglak's infant son Inuksuk gave a whimper of fear as he clung tighter to her bosom.  Kumaglak heard the screams of her fellow villagers as the tidal wave started to descend on the small Eskimo village.  As the giant wave of water was about to hit her, her last thought was not of the hot spicy kisses of her boyfriend Umlaut, or the tasty walrus tusks she had boiled for dinner, but rather an odd pang of regret for holding on to her coal-fired stove when Al Gore had offered her a perfectly good solar cooker for her igloo... I may think that I'm a good fiction writer, but I'm an amateur compared to the expert propagandists at the Washington Post.  They wrote about the small Eskimo village of Kivalina, which they claimed has to be evacuated due to global warming. This tiny and isolated town of 400 cannot be reached by road. It lies on a fragile barrier...(Read Full Post)