The Top 40 Conservative Websites: March 2015 Edition

Although it is a day early, significant movements in the rankings of major conservative websites during the past few weeks allow for an early publication of the March 2015 edition of the monthly Top 40.

The large majority of sites moved up in overall U.S. website rankings, showing a broad shift in increased popularity for conservative news and opinion online.

Readers will note that the usual disclaimer applies.  Not all websites are exclusively conservative.  A number are libertarian- or conservatarian-leaning, and some contain a mix of liberal and conservative viewpoints.  Many also publish traditional news reports, whereas others focus almost entirely on opinion and analysis.

There was a shake-up at the Tea Party News Network, whereby "several Tea Party News Network staffers resigned at once in protest of what they described as the company's 'despicable practices,' aimed at what they perceived as more for making money that advancing the principles of freedom."  The resignations highlight a common flaw on several sites: the increasing inclusion of irrelevant click-bait in order to generate advertising revenues and move up the rankings.

Newsmax, commonly viewed as a conservative-leaning site, also came under scrutiny, as it was revealed that the website donated one million dollars to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

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