The top 40 conservative websites: February 2015 edition

As February begins, it is time again to look at the rankings of conservative websites.  Using Alexa's web analytics and monitoring a suite of over 100 sites, here are the top 40 conservative websites for February 2015 based on their U.S. rankings.

Fox News has moved up into the top 50 of all websites in the United States, and the Wall Street Journal has also cracked the top 100.  Fox News is now ahead of the Washington Post (57th) and The Guardian (101st) for web traffic, and is catching up on the Huffington Post (26th) and the New York Times (29th).

Western Journalism has had an incredible run over the past year and sits just behind the New York Post. It is now ranked 225th in the USA, and 926th globally.

Another big mover this month is LifeNews – an independent news agency devoted to reporting news that affects the pro-life community – which is up 14 spots to number 33 in the rankings.  Twitchy took the largest tumble, falling four spots from 17th to 21st.