The time for talk is over

The time for talk is over.  Radical Islam is at war with the world, including America – especially America.  It is as despicable a world menace as the Nazis, who tried to keep their savagery secret.  These devils gloat. 

We’ve already had our Pearl Harbor – 9/11 – with more killed than at Hawaii in 1941 (roughly 2,000 vs. 3,000 in New York).  What are we waiting for?  FDR asked Congress to declare war the very next day.

The Obama administration is worthless in this fight.  Its answer is so-called “smart” diplomacy – make nice with savages and they’ll become good.  “Smart diplomacy” doesn’t work.  It’s not smart.  It’s worse than Neville Chamberlin’s appeasement prior to WWII.  At least England went to war at Hitler’s next move – the invasion of Poland.  Obama simply retreats from his warnings, goading the savages further.

The problem is that we have no leaders in Washington.  They fiddle, concerned with keeping their power, oblivious to the real threats, afraid of challenging.  In times past, military leaders could be counted on to stand up, sound the alarm.  But Obama, who hates the military, has purged the warriors.  Good men, like the Pentagon spokesmen, have been walked back, step by step, until now they justify weakness and mouth a ridiculous policy of not identifying Islam as the enemy because it might bring prejudice against Muslims.  Great tradeoff – decapitations, torture, murder of children, slaughter of innocents for possible hurt feelings.  How insane these leftist Obama policies have become.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II instantly responded to the burned alive death of his countryman by executing enemy soldiers.  What does our president do?  He plays golf after saying a few unfelt words about American victims.  He wants to let savages out of Guantánamo.  He depends on robot drones to make him look good.

Every day, America delays in ending this impotent Obama administration policy and in going to war full force, which means more Americans will die and suffer in righting the terrible losses stemming from Obama’s “smart” diplomacy.  The left still mouths the idea that the American people won’t go to war again.  Ask that of any American who has seen or heard the Jordanian fighter pilot’s screams while roasting alive.  It emanated from a soul screech reached only in unbelievable pain.

This devil-enemy has no soul.  It is pure evil.  Its members revel in causing torment unimaginable.  They believe it willed by their god.  They believe that by killing infidels – those who don’t believe as they do – they get closer to their god.  They look forward to death.  Even most kamikaze pilots didn’t want death.  They reluctantly did it as their duty.  These devils can’t wait.  They want this war.  If they get a nuclear bomb, they will use it in a second.  The destruction of the world means nothing to them.  They are looking forward to it.  They go to heaven.

Of course, if you give up all your freedom, renounce everything but Islam, they may let you live – under sharia law, each person a slave to the same monsters who perform the horror we see on their videos.  Great life, especially for women, restricted as in caveman days.  If you are gay, you don’t get even that choice – only death.  And don’t bet on it being swift or merciful.

The time for talk is over.  “Smart” diplomacy is dead.  It’s helped the enemy.  But don’t count on Washington.  Unbelievably, they’ll fiddle, talk, wring their hands, and appoint committees.  The treasonous press parrot them, covering up, making excuses, putting politicians on the Sunday shows to tell us what’s what.  It’s all BS – the result of creeping progressivism that has brought the nation to this threat and is now nothing more than a ticking time bomb leading us to destruction.  If Americans don’t demand change and new leadership and policy in the strongest terms – i.e., war with these savages – we will be obliterated by this unrelenting foe, or bowing to Mecca daily.

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