The night of the living courtiers

There is something so very, very wrong within the Obama administration.  The comments made by Obama, Admiral Kirby, and Josh Earnest today after the video of the burned-alive murder of the Jordanian pilot was released were frighteningly placid and vague.  They displayed a disturbing lack of emotion.  Is each of these people mentally ill?  Incapable of recognizing evil?  Certainly they refuse to name it.  Not one of the administration's spokespersons, even now, will violate the president's rigid dictate and say anything other than that these "terrorists are not Islamic."  Nor will they admit that these barbarians are indeed acting in the name of Islam.  After today,  this strategy obviously takes their denial to a whole new and pathological level.

If all the beheadings were not enough to burst the "everything's fine" bubble in which Obama encases himself, an online video of a man being burned alive certainly should have.  But it did not.  Watch the clips of his response, of Kirby's comment that "this is not the act of a winner."  Does that sound like outrage?  Does that sound like there is a shred of resolve among these people?  Not one bit.  Both the president and Josh Earnest said this shows that their "ideology is bankrupt."  Bankrupt!  As though they are only out of money.  They do not even raise their voices. 

If these people who make up Obama's circle ever had hearts or souls, they possess them no longer.  They have been body-snatched.  The human forms that  remain and speak these apathetic words are empty shells, zombies without humanity or character.  It appears that their political ideology has killed them.  So invested in protecting an incompetent president, they have sold their souls and have been left bereft of the ability to feel anything.

Our nation is in grave danger.  The people in charge do not recognize evil when they are hit over the head with it.  So immersed in moral relativism have they been, so bent on appeasement and inoffense, they are endangering us all.  As many others have written lately, God help us.

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