The mayor of Jerusalem is hands-on

Hey, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D)  you, who warned your biracial son about dealing with police instead of other youths of color  and you, Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) of Chicago, whose son was mugged right outside your home in a quiet residential neighborhood despite the presence of police security you both might want to learn some lessons from Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat.

Sure, he is the mayor of a city also.  And yes, he is a multi-millionaire, having sold a high-tech firm several years before he entered politics.  But before that he was an officer in an Israeli paratroop brigade and is afraid of very little.  His bodyguards are also quite skilled. 

Driving through Jerusalem near a main square, Barkat and his team saw a young Muslim Arab peaceful terrorist, obviously frustrated by lack of a job, stabbing a young religious Jewish man who obviously was responsible for the Arab's plight.  Being a literal hands-on mayor, Barkat sprang into action

“So, I got out of the car with my bodyguard, and we approached the scene and noticed a terrorist with a knife in his hand.”

At this point, Barkat said, the member of his security team drew his pistol.

“Without thinking, my bodyguard took out his weapon, and when he aimed at the terrorist, the terrorist dropped his knife and we immediately tackled him to the ground to make sure that he could not continue with the terror attack,” he continued.

As his bodyguards restrained the terrorist, Barkat can be seen comforting the stab victim, whom police said sustained a light wound to his abdomen.

The Jewish victim was taken to the hospital, where he is expected to make a quick recovery; the peaceful Arab stabber was arrested.

Despite the tensions in Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular, Jerusalem is still safer than many American cities.  A hands-on mayor willing to do what is necessary is part of the reason.

As a consequence of this proactive response, the U.N. and European governments will certainly shortly issue statements condemning Israelis for their harsh behavior and for being so bold as to think they have the right to defend themselves.