The Clintons are always the Clintons

Don't expect Hillary Clinton to answer any questions or be visible anytime soon.  The Clintons have a new "ethics issue," and even The New York Times can't take it anymore:

According to a report this week in The Wall Street Journal, the ban was dropped after Mrs. Clinton left the administration in 2013, leading to a resumption of donations from foreign governments and agencies to the foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative, which sponsors conferences of world leaders from government, industry and philanthropy. 

Donors have included the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Oman and a Canadian government agency reported to be involved in promoting the Keystone XL pipeline.

I guess that's why she didn't want to answer questions about the Keystone Pipeline a few weeks ago.

It is at least a potential conflict of interest, as Professor Larry Sabato said:

It's very unwise for Hillary Clinton to be associated with a foundation that is taking millions of dollars from foreign governments. 

This isn't just the appearance of a conflict of interest. It's a real conflict of interest.

Beyond the conflict of interest, this is a problem for a few reasons.    

First, you can make a good case that the companies donating to the Foundation were also lobbying the State Department, as suggested by news reports:

"Hillary Clinton's ties to large corporations have come under more scrutiny after it was revealed that dozens of companies that have donated millions to her family's foundation also lobbied the State Department during her tenure as secretary of state."

Second, and more damaging to the Clinton candidacy, these reports will enrage the party's left wing.  They will put more pressure on someone to challenge Mrs. Clinton.  It will worry many Democrats that Mrs. Clinton is damaged goods and won't withstand an attack from the GOP.

Memo to Democrats: the Clintons are the Clintons.  Buyer beware!  You won't have Ross Perot in 2016 as you did in 1992!

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