Stand by for MSM self-immolation in Brian Williams scandal

Oh boy! I am laying in a supply of popcorn as Joe Scarborough warns that he’s “seen a lot, know[s] a lot” about people in his industry and politics, so they had better think twice about piling on Brian Williams. “Cast the first stone? I would be careful.” Mark Finkelsetin of Newsbusters captured the threat:

 On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough ominously said: "in over a decade in this news business, it is fair to say looking straight in the camera, I've seen a lot, I know a lot, and I know that there are very few people in this industry or in politics that could live by the standard of perfection. Cast the first stone? I would be careful."


Williams is already an established genre of humor, so there is gong to be no shortage of stone casting. I can hardly wait for Scarborough to spill the beans on other phonies in the media.

Go ahead, Joe. Make my day.