Qatar website published fatwa permitting the burning of people to death, but removed it after ISIS video of Jordanian pilot's immolation

Our purported allies in Qatar have long played a double game, hosting US military facilities, but also financing Hamas (among other villainous groups). Now, AT contributor Raymond Ibrahim has caught a Qatar government website hiding the evidence that it published a fatwa justifying the burning to death of enemies. Significantly, the arguments used by ISIS to justify its burning of Jordanian pilot Moath al Kasasbeh echo the arguments provided by Qatar.

It appears that Islam Web, a popular website owned by Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, may have been responsible for the rationale used by the Islamic State to burn alive a Jordanian pilot captive.

On February 7, 2006, the widely accessed Arabic website issued Fatwa No. 71480, titled “The Burning of Ias bin Abdul Yalil by Abu Bakr.”  The fatwa, or Islamic decree, concluded that burning people as a form of punishment is permissible.

Ironically, hours after the Islamic State burned the pilot alive, Fatwa No. 71480 was removed from Islam Web.

What is interesting to note is that the more recent fatwa issued by the Islamic State to justify the burning of the pilot makes the very same arguments as this 2006 Islam Web fatwa did — citing the same sources, hadiths, tafsirs, even the logic of “humility” — implying that IS may well have relied on this fatwa from the Qatari website when writing its own to burn the pilot alive — hence, why the fatwa has now “mysteriously” disappeared from Islam Web.

Incidentally, Islam Web won the World Summit Award of 2007, on the basis that it is “the best interactive edutainment website for Arabic-speaking children by the consensus of the Jury which met in Croatia, in evaluating the productions nominated from 160 countries.”

A wonderful lesson for children. And, as Presidents Obam and Bush agree, a "great religion."

A screen grab of the now disappeared blog item, as well as a translation are on offer on the website.