Psaki beclowns herself at State Department Presser

Jen Psaki goes to the verbal ends of the earth for Obama.

Most recently, when AP reporter Matt Lee questioned Psaki about Obama’s ambiguous remarks about jihad in France that targeted Jews at a kosher market, Psaki had this to say:

Well, as you know, I believe, if I remember the victims specifically, they were not all victims of one background or one nationality. So I think what they mean by that is I don’t know that they spoke to the targeting of the grocery store or that specifically, but the individuals who were impacted.


Psaki clumsily danced around a simply question, intentionally conflating the victims of the attack at Charlie Hebdo with those who died at the kosher market.

She also emulated Obama’s emotional detachment from anything that does not have to do with faux racist claims and/or defending Muslims (two areas where Obama becomes animated) by describing the Jews who were slaughtered as “individuals who were impacted.”

I guess we can add that to the lunatic lexicon that includes phrases like “workplace violence.”

After some back and forth between Lee and Psaki that involved half sentences, interruptions, unfinished thoughts, and semantic gymnastics, Lee finally asked outright whether the administration believed the attack at the kosher grocery store was an attack against Jews.

When psimpleton Psaki (psort of) pspoke, this was the gem that spilled from her lips:

I don’t think we’re going to speak on behalf of French authorities and what they believe was the situation at (inaudible)…I just don’t have more for you Matt. It’s an issue for the French government to address.

Of course no one was asking her to speak on behalf of the French authorities, but it was a familiar ploy and the media got suckered in, willing as they appear to be to have the wool pulled over their eyes in such obvious ways a 5-year-old could figure out what’s going on.

Psaki is as dangerous as every other member of the Obama administration. She and all the rest of them bear indirect responsibility by failing to address the growing wave of anti-Semitic violence around the world and all the other ways civilization has been set on fire.

After her press conference, Psaki must have realized how ridiculous she and her boss Obama looked, for she tweeted the following, that in effect denied the dance she had just performed in order to avoid mentioning anti-Semitism.


Of note, since Obama proclaimed that zealots are committing random acts against bunches of folks, the United States closed our embassy in Yemen. You know, Yemen? The place Obama touted as a huge success. And U.S. aid worker, Kayla Mueller, who was kidnapped by ISIS 18 months ago, is dead. But not to worry, Obama has promised to bring the “abhorrent terrorist group” that committed this act to justice. Meanwhile Iran races toward becoming a nuclear power. But Obama’s got that base covered, what with negotiations and his most recent proclamation that “it would be contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon.”

Because, you know, that’s what Iran’s Supreme Leader told Obama.

So here we are, in the hands of evil, lying leaders and their spokespeople who are desperate to convince every last one of us that when we head down the stairs and into that stark building, we’re going to get a nice warm shower.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop