President Obama, Our Naked Emperor

Hundreds, maybe thousands of writers by now -- professional journalists, bloggers, citizens in their letters to editors -- have written about President Obama's obvious and sickening lack of a moral core, his lack of outrage at the horrific abuses of ISIS, his apathy about terrorism.  As Jeanine Pirro put it, he is "comfortable with violent extremism."  He will never call it "Islamic," and he is not bothered much by it.  The emperor that Hans Christian Anderson wrote about in 1837 was not tolerant of violence that we know of, he was just a vain and arrogant tyrant but the fable seems an appropriate analogy for our current president.

President Obama explained in his "conversation" with Vox that he views terrorism as a big city mayor views crime; annoying but manageable.  So it is plainly clear to anyone paying attention that this President's ire is raised only by domestic opponents, Republicans.  He is infuriated by opponents of Obamacare, by supporters of the Keystone pipeline, by coal, SUVs and the Koch brothers.  He is angered by Bibi Netanyahu and the very existence of Israel. The barbaric acts of ISIS, Al Qaeda, AQ in Yemen, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc., barely ruffle his feathers.  The monstrous things they do to Christians, Jews, fellow Muslims, Americans, and to children (sexual slavery) are not important enough to him to interrupt his vacations or his 200+ golf games.  Bottom line, our President is a narcissistic sociopath, a dangerous one at that.

President Obama is a clear and present threat to America.  It is obvious, after six years,  that he means the country harm.  He has done our nation terrible damage; $18t in debt, massive unemployment, purposeful economic malaise.  The trillions in debt may bring about our downfall but most terrifying is the fact that the Democrats of his party are willing dupes to his vile agenda.  They would rather get along and go along than stand up and shout that the emperor has no clothes.  They value party over country.  Most of the Republicans in Washington are the same. So afraid of our despicable leftist media and their predictable name-calling, they zip their lips and let this man undermine the brilliance of our Founders rather than scream their opposition at the top of their lungs.  He is shredding the Constitution with their apparent blessing.  Republican exceptions are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, Scott Walker, and several others.  Still too few to fight the anti-conservative media machine.

As thousands of innocents are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East by ISIS and its sub-sets, Mr. Obama still refuses to name the enemy.  His court jesters have learned their lessons well:  Psaki, Harf, Earnest, Rice, Powers, etc. parrot the administration's nonsense like hypnotized groupies.   We are living in what seems like a combination of Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984.  Words have come to have opposite meanings.  There is no longer anything resembling free speech.  Universities are banning not just words but gestures and "micro-expressions," mere facial tics that might offend.

There is no denying that our President appears to sympathize with the enemy.  He understands the Muslims' rage.  He believes Iran should not decisively halted from having a nuclear bomb.  One can only assume he hopes Iran will exterminate Israel.  He is not bothered much by the Fort Hood massacre, the bombing of the Boston Marathon, the Paris terrorist attacks, Copenhagen, etc.  He is really, really bothered by the Tea Party, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.   He sympathizes with thugs like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and their criminal ilk, and is antagonized by police who do their jobs. 

Where are the Americans willing to fight and lead?  This man should have been impeached years ago.  His corruption is deep:  Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Obamacare and all the egregious lies employed to pass it, abuses by the EPA, FCC, etc.  His refusal to call terrorism Islamic should have been enough.  But here we sit and watch while our elected politicians prostrate themselves over non-issues like global warming, a hoax if there ever were one, and the wholesale dissolution of our nation by unfettered immigration.   It is no wonder our citizenry is losing all hope.  Who will be the child who will have the courage to state the obvious?  Our emperor has no clothes. He is an empty suit, intellectually challenged, and poisoned by a life molded by anti-Americanism.   

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