Oooops! California sends out 100,000 inaccurate Obamacare tax forms

Democrats are gloating over the 11 million people who have signed up for Obamacare in the last two years. Aside from the fact that they are celebrating that 11 million people are simply obeying the law. one might question what is the more significant number; 11 million who are forced to purchase insurance or the 25-30 million who are not obeying the individual mandate? It hardly matters. Forbes resident Obamacare scholar, Avik Roy, who we have quoted many times at AT, delves into the administration numbers, and not suprisingly, finds a lot of fudging. Fudging numbers is one thing. What about incredible incompetence? In California, the state has sent out about 100,000 Obamacare tax forms that are inaccurate. Many thousands of others never even received the form. The kicker: The state knew the forms were inaccurate but sent them out anyway. CBS Local: “After being on hold for 59 minutes, they told me that the 1095-A was never generated,” Scoggins told KPIX 5...(Read Full Post)