Obama's Submission to Iranian Nukes

Suppose Hitler was still in his bunker today, and rushing to get the Bomb. Or suppose that Imperial Japan was on the verge of its first nuclear explosion at the time of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If Obama were president in such a time, he would sign a surrender agreement with Hitler and Tojo, allowing them to get the Bomb. Maybe the U.S.-Nazi-Tojo “agreement” would let them delay their nukes by ten years, as Obama seems to be begging the mullahs to do.

But since Hitler, Tojo, and the mullahs are inveterate liars, their commitments mean nothing. They are world-conquering maniacs, for whom the goal of world conquest justifies any means. Lying is their most basic tool.

The use of nuclear bombs by sociopathic rogues will kill many thousands of civilians, a clear crime against humanity. The mullahs have promised nuclear genocide  to the world every day for more than thirty years. Their actions are consistent with their words, so that they now have multiple, deeply buried, and scattered uranium enrichment facilities and long-distance ICBM missiles.

Question: Is the Obama administration about to commit an act of collusion with a known genocidal regime?

The clear answer is Yes.

As Charles Krauthammer just wrote, the Iranian negotiations are “simply catastrophic.”

Admiral James Lyons (USN, ret.) made the same basic point this week at the National Press Club,

“… the Obama administration’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood, with its penetration of essentially all our government agencies, including the Department of Defense, has had an adverse impact on our policies, particularly with regard to the Middle East and the global war on terrorism. … 

“The Joint Chiefs of Staff know that what we are doing today in Iraq and Syria to defeat the Islamic State is wrong. By their acquiescence to the administration’s half-hearted war policies, they cannot escape being held accountable for the genocide the Islamic State will inflict on the Syrian inhabitants of Kobani, the Kurds and other minorities.” (Italics added).

If the Joint Chiefs are liable to stand trial for crimes against humanity, so is the President -- and of course those who fund, train, and collude with ISIS and its kind, including Turkey, Qatar, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Please read Admiral Lyons’ speech. It might be the most important words you will ever read. 

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