NYT spotlights jobs illegals are taking from Americans

The New York Times made a mistake!  Not on the level of covering up the Holocaust, which they did, or spreading positive propaganda about Stalin's Soviet Union, which they also did, but a mistake nonetheless.  The NYT was trying to show illegal aliens in a sympathetic light.  It couldn't talk about the ones on welfare, or the ones getting free medical treatment in hospitals, or the ones in jail, so it decided to focus on the illegals holding down jobs.  The only problem – these are all jobs that were taken from Americans.

Mr. Péndola, who came here with his family when he was 10 and grew up in Florida without immigration papers, has protection from deportation and a work permit under President Obama’s program for unauthorized immigrants, known as Dreamers.  Mr. Péndola, now 23, was able to get a driver’s license and buy his own car, freeing him to commute to college and work without fear of being pulled over by the police.

The article said he got his DREAMer exemption in 2012.  He must have been a 20-year-old child then.

After his college graduation, the high school where he had been a standout science student asked him to come back as a teacher. At the MAST Academy in Key Biscayne, a magnet school that draws science students from across the Miami area, he is earning a steady official paycheck. “This is a very nerdy school where the kids are encouraged to be curious,” Mr. Péndola said in his laboratory after an advanced chemistry class.

Do you think their curiosity extends to why their teacher came into the country illegally?  Do you think they asked, "Mr. Péndola, why did you think you could sneak into our country ahead of other immigrants?" or "Mr. Péndola, are you taking a job that would have been taken by an American?"

Now meet Ms. Benitez, who is still here illegally, until Obama gets his way:

Ms. Benítez, who has lived in the United States since she was 13, is now 36. She was too old in 2012 for the age limit of 30 in the program.

The DREAMer act drew the line there.  Thirty-one-year old children were not eligible – only children as old as 30.  Wait, since when are children 30 years old?

In 2004 she applied through the legal system for a resident green card, but because of vast backlogs she still has many years to wait.

So...since she didn't want to play by the rules and wait her turn, she decided to stay in the country illegally.

With a 10-year-old daughter who is a citizen, Ms. Benítez would also be eligible for the other program the court order suspended, for as many as four million undocumented parents of citizens or legal residents.

Isn't this great?  Because of her illegal acts, she secured citizenship for her daughter.

Ms. Benítez graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with an engineering degree.

I'm glad her spot at UW didn't go to an American.  Isn't our publicly funded university system made to service people from other countries first and foremost?

But she has been clinging to a job as a quality control manager on a castings production line, relying on car pools to get to work and keeping quiet about her legal status.

Don't you hate the fact that she's clinging to a lesser job than she feels she is entitled to?  If Ms. Benítez can skirt our immigration laws, why should she be afraid to take the best possible job from an American that she can aspire to?

“You can’t show your face because you are holding on to the one job that will feed your family,” she said.

It must be a great strain being in hiding all the time, fearing the roving band of INS investigators who have orders from Obama to arrest illegals at all cost.  I can only imagine the terror of Michelle Obama's guest at the State of the Union address, and the other people here illegally who storm congressional offices demanding amnesty, at their fear of being caught and deported.

She hired a lawyer and assembled years of tax returns and bills for her application, laying plans to get a data job and apply to graduate school. Then she heard the news of the injunction [on Obama's executive order amnesty].

“I’m back to this sense of insecurity, of being afraid every day, every hour, every minute,” said Ms. Benítez, who has a college degree in engineering but is working in a factory. “It really is taking a toll on me.”  “I was really raging,” she said. “Now I’m just numb.”

Ms. Benítez, the illegal alien, is raging and numb.  Do you think we should have open borders to better suit the people who cross our borders illegally?  What about our justice system?  I'm sure we have many people in jail who feel raging and/or numb.  Don't you think we should empty our jails so criminals will feel better?

And what about the person who didn't get the job Ms. Benítez has?  Do you think he also feels raging or numb?  The Times didn't pursue this line of inquiry.

And now let's meet José:

José Santiago, a Mexican student in Homestead, Fla., said the youth program [DREAMER exemption] was his ticket out of the hard life of his parents, who are farmworkers in the vast fields around his hometown. After one miserably hot, backbreaking day picking squash, Mr. Santiago realized he needed another line of work.

Don't you feel for José?  He came here illegally, and he got stuck in an unpleasant job!

With his working papers, Mr. Santiago, 19, graduated from high school and went straight to Miami Dade College in Homestead as a full-time student in computer science. “I’m passionate with computers,” Mr. Santiago said.

Do you think the American who didn't get the computer science slot that Mr. Santiago got was also passionate about computers?  Do you think Florida taxpayers are also passionate about paying for the education of people from other countries?

The legal foothold allowed him to win a private scholarship, get a car, and start plotting a course to a four-year degree and a computer engineering career — indoors.

We wish you every success, José.  And please tell all your friends to come here, and we, the American taxpayers, will be only too happy to pay for their educations, too.

Exit question: this was a clumsy piece of agitprop.  What can the Times do more effectively to manipulate our emotions to feel sympathy for illegal aliens?  And what do you think would be its approach if all illegal aliens were Caucasians?

Pedro Gonzales is the editor of Newsmachete.com, the conservative news site.

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