New York Times race-baiting on Cuban-Americans

The New York Times ran a hit piece on Cubans (“Why are Cubans so Special?”), implying that they are privileged, not like real Hispanics.  This is the first shot in a process intended to delegitimize a potential Hispanic GOP presidential candidate in 2016, in case Rubio or Cruz makes it on the ticket.

I think there is real fear about Rubio in particular, because he is not as divisive as Cruz.  If Rubio can cut into the Hispanic vote and move 10-15% of it to the GOP, he can win Colorado and Nevada for the ticket.  If the GOP wins Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, that is enough to win with either of two western states.

Carlos Eire of Babalu Blog spots the Times’ racism:

What makes this essay so special is the way in which it combines two of the favorite flavors of the day: the "normalization" issue with race-baiting.

Yes, race-baiting.  Did you know that the chief reason we Cubans enjoy a preferential immigration status is the fact that most of us are white?

And --of course -- you must have already known that Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Robert Menendez are "privileged" white racists who love being unfair to dark-skinned Hispanic immigrants?

Yes, sir, yes ma'm.  And get a load of the carefully-selected--perhaps specially commissioned--image used to illustrate this essay, which reinforces its race-baiting: