New York AG compels 20 School Districts to eliminate Citizenship Requirement

On February 19, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced that his office had reached “agreements with twenty school districts to ensure educational access for students regardless of their immigration status or that of their parents or guardians.” Apparently these school districts were the last holdouts to have the temerity to actually require their students to provide proof of residency before they could enroll.

According to the AG’s press release:

The districts agreed to remove inquiries into citizenship/immigration status from their enrollment materials, as well as to develop new enrollment procedures and provide training to responsible personnel to ensure that students do not face such barriers when seeking to enroll.

Of course by “reached agreements,” the AG meant threatening to removal of school officials if the district did not comply.  Progressives certainly have an interesting method of reaching “agreements” with those who find fault with their policies. Strong-armed seems a much more appropriate term, but I digress.

According to investigators from the NYS Department of Education, one particularly rebellious district, the Hempstead Union Free School District even went so far as “failing to provide adequate instruction to non-English-speaking students.” Can you imagine the nerve of these racist “educators”?  What’s next from these blatant nativists, requiring measles vaccinations?

My recommendation to schools districts all across New York State: you’d better plan on requesting extra money in your annual budgets in order to throw one heck of a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Oh, and remember when you do so; no American flags are to be displayed. We wouldn’t want to make our newest “citizens” feel unwelcome.