Minneapolis police officer shot in 'targeted' shooting

Minneapolis police officer Jordan Davis was responding to a burglary in a high crime area of the city when he was shot after taking the victim's statement. Police Chief Janee Harteau says the incident was not random:

“There is little doubt that an officer was the intended target of this shooting and that this officer just happened to be the one who was there,” Harteau said in a statement.

A suspect with a violent record of assaults was taken into custody later in the day.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The two officers had just finished handling a burglary call on the 1100 block of 24th Avenue N. in the Jordan neighborhood, police said. Davis was shot while standing outside their squad car.

“It was right next to us,” an officer is heard saying on a police audio from the scene. “We did not see anybody. It came out of nowhere.”

The tenant who reported the early morning burglary spoke on condition of anonymity for fear for her safety. She said Neal had smashed in her kitchen window with a hammer. A friend was able to chase Neal, whom she knows, off the property with a pocket knife, she said.

The tenant immediately called police, she said. Officer Davis was shot outside after taking her statement.

An area near 24th and Fremont avenues was cordoned off for several hours afterward. Police dogs were seen searching nearby garages and alleys for the suspect.

Ron Edwards, a member of a community committee recently created by Harteau, said efforts were made by North Side residents to get the gunman to surrender to prevent further violence.

Brandi Olson, who lives in the 2300 block of Fremont Avenue with her mother, husband and two young children, said her mother heard a single gunshot early Saturday.

“Generally we really like it here,” she said, adding that her neighbors are all friendly. “But when something like this happens it makes you ­nervous.”

Ferguson may be a distant memory for some, but the impact of the demonstrations that demonized and called for action against the police is still being felt. The impunity of criminals who feel that cops are fair game is a direct result of protestors who were calling for blood across the country and who have enabled this dangerous mindset.

I'm glad the officer was not seriously injured. But we're kidding ourselves if we ignore the fact that the game has changed for police, putting all of us in greater danger.

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