Michelle's Secret Ski Trip Revealed by a Smashup

Forget the roses and chocolate for Valentines Day.  Giving new meaning to the concept of romance, just four weeks after returning from 17 days in Oahu the president headed to California for a weekend of golf and his wife and two daughters, for the fourth year in a row, headed to Aspen for a ski weekend.

Recently, shortly after Americans witnessed a Jordanian pilot burned alive by ISIS, Obama flew to Rancho Mirage, but all was quiet on the Michelle ski-trip front.   Judging from the lack of press, one would think that for the first time while hubby duffs around with golfing buddies, the first lady decided to forego the vertical rise and hunker down for the weekend in the White House.

Promoting a stay-at-home-for-President’s-Day charade, Michelle Tweeted an ‘all you need is love’ Valentine message to her hubby featuring a picture of what appeared to be a homebound Michelle kissing Barack adieu.

Now, three days after the fact, we find out that after sending Dad packing for the weekend, Michelle and the girls quietly boarded an expensive Air Force jet and headed to the Tiehack home of the owners of the Aspen Skiing Co., Jim and Paula Crown.

As 21 Coptic Christians were being beheaded and 17 Kurds were being paraded around in cages with threats of being burned alive, and while radical Islamic terrorists shot up cafes and supermarkets, crucified children, and vowed to conquer Rome, an undeterred Mrs. Obama focused like a laser beam on Buttermilk Mountain.

And despite the Herculean effort to keep the First Family’s cold indifference to global bloodshed top-secret, much like her husband, who is adept at sidestepping Presidential responsibilities to go golfing, while heading towards Buttermilk to enjoy the mile-high slopes the first lady’s motorcade was unexpectedly waylaid by a two car smashup. 

According to the Aspen Daily News, Mrs. Obama’s ski-trip nuisance occurred when one driver from South Africa driving in the wrong lane and another driver going the opposite direction, blinded by sunshine, collided head-on.  

As a result the road was closed, delaying the first lady’s arrival at the slopes.  But once again, not even crashing cars, closed roads, burning Jordanians, or mass beheadings can dissuade either Mr. or Mrs. Obama from making their way to a vacation destination for play.

According to Police Chief Brian Olson, while authorities waited for tow trucks to clear away the mess, the Obama motorcade was allowed to slip though, ferrying the anxious vacationers straightaway to the Buttermilk ski area, an afternoon of snacks like spring rolls and Mongolian BBQ at The Cliffhouse, and snowy fun on the easiest skiing mountain in Aspen.

And as the pesky ISIS attempted to muck up Obama’s time on the links by beheading 21 Coptic Christians on President’s Day weekend, the president didn’t allow all that genocidal jihad to slow down his golf game, either.

Still, for a person anxious to enjoy a fun golf or ski retreat, whether it’s a head-on collision that cuts off a motorcade or mass murder on a beach in Libya that cuts off heads, both are not really bothersome buzz-kills.

Thankfully, Pitkin County Sheriff’s deputy Jesse Steindler did report that after Michelle’s motorcade bypassed the wreck, although victims were left awaiting a tow, the rest of the ski trip went smoothly for the wife of a president proficient at skirting around messes on his way to the next vacation.

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