Megyn Kelly grills Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki spoke to Megyn Kelly last night, and did her best to minimize the dangers from what’s been happening in Yemen. A video is embedded below, but here are the highlights.

First up, Kelly addressed what is unfolding in Yemen. Psaki said it has always been a “high stress post.” Kelly pressed on. Psaki continued her dance of lies in the face of truth.

As to Obama touting Yemen as a success as recently as a couple of months ago, Psaki claimed he was only referencing our efforts to coordinate with them on counter terrorism activities.

Oohhhhh. Riiiiiight. It’s always so helpful when the administration clarifies things.

Moving on.

Psaki noted that we “still have a means of communicating” with people on the ground in Yemen.

Oh wow! It’s a relief to know we’re still hooked up to some folks with paper-cup-and-string phones to communicate. What an accomplishment.

More, please, Jen. This is sounding very hopeful.

Kelly showed a video clip of the Houthis chanting with fists in the air: “God is great!” “Death to Israel!” “Victory to Islam!” She asked Psaki if those are the folks we’re supposed to be coordinating with.

Psaki evaded. (I think the woman should consider lightweight boxing. She’s really very good at dodging and dancing around pointed questions.)

Kelly expanded her line of questioning, pointing out that our policy regarding the “Arab Spring” has failed, noting that United States influence in the region is declining while Iran’s is rising.

Psaki, of course, would hear none of it and evaded like a pro. She insisted we look at each country individually, noting that with respect to Libya, the president has spoken about what more “we could have” and “should have” done.

No comment.

Psaki then offered up this tidbit of insanity that gives Obama’s recent statement that Iran’s Supreme Leader assured him they wouldn’t build a nuclear weapon because it goes against their faith:

The Houthis have said they’re not threatening and they don’t want to go after the United States…They have said they want the Americans, they want the Westerners to be and have a presence in Yemen.

In response, Kelly noted that, um, excuse me, but all the checkpoints have signs that read: “Death to America!”

These small details are lost on Psaki.

Kelly then began a line of questioning about the hasty evacuation of the embassy, including our Marine’s dissembling/destroying their weapons and boarding a commercial plane rather than a military plane.

Psaki: No. Not hasty. All planned out. No need to use a military transport for our Marines.

Oh, but “what wasn’t planned was for the Houthis to take control of our vehicles.”

Oh brother.

Kelly then moved onto to ISIS, highlighting the reality on the ground vs. Obama’s claims that ISIS is on the decline.

Psaki remained the ever obedient cheer leader for the administration.

Kelly’s final line of questioning pertained to the Obama administration’s involvement in trying to influence the outcome of the Israeli elections.

Psaki denied it all.

No surprises there.

It’s all good. No worries. The Middle East is under control. The administration is on top of things.

Have a nice day.

Here is the video: