Levels of Thinking

With so many liberals going to Ivy League Schools or teaching there it is hard to say that they are stupid. 

But I must say that Liberals are stupid. They specialize in going against the grain of traditional values and institutions, so their thought processes are oppositional rather than original. They are one-dimensional and monolithic. They don’t think creatively, just reactively and critically.

Liberals think that liberalism is generous and kind. They want to pat themselves on the back. They adopt enlightened attitudes that often backfire and cause pain to the recipients of their progressivism.

Liberals often don’t believe in God; I don’t believe in Him either but I have reversed my perspective to realize that he might not believe in me and therefore he might exist as my negative rejection of Him.

Liberals get angry in their defense of their rebellion against traditional thought. They are emotional. So they react against homophobia and celebrate gayness; they went against the war in Vietnam and celebrated socialism, communism and liberalism; they go against Islamophobia and cheer on terrorism and the end of the Crusade mentality.

Not too bright. You’d think that they would be more original but they shoot down others ideas rather than create their own.

Liberals are dogmatic and always in a rush. They approve of gay couples adopting children when there have been next to no studies outlining if this is safe for the adopted.

Obama supported Isis’s torture of children at the National Prayer Breakfast Prayer by diminishing the self-protective nature of the Crusades. A Harvard Degree? Second-rate thinking. He should be original not reactive. He is not nearly as bright as a conservative. He can’t get out of the way of his own ideology.

Conservatives think on a tripartite level rather than a binary one. Liberals undercut one level of thinking with another. They never undercut the first level and boomerang around to re-accept the first level from a different angle. They stop at the second level -- the rebellious simpleminded undercutting.

Thus we have level one -- the current clichéd attitude of the traditional right wing who doesn’t question the clichés of traditional society. Then we have level two -- the liberal rebellion against level one; the progressive attitudes of the Ivy League simpletons.

And then the highest level of thought, the conservative’s questioning of level one, their straying from it on level two and their reacceptance of level one on different more sophisticated terms which raises their thinking to level three. 

Yet liberals think that conservatives are red-necked fools. I don’t ride a Harley and beat up Easy Riders even though I used to own a Kawasaki and a Honda motocross bike. I don’t hit people even though I was a professional boxer.

Gee, I got a Ph.D. too. That doesn’t make me smart. It was in my rebellion from academia that I learned to think and rise to the third level of undercutting liberalism and expanding to conservatism.