Jon Stewart, Democratic Fundraiser

Putting to rest Comedy Central's weak protestations that really, really, really we're politically objective, the Democratic Party immediately seized upon Jon Stewart's announcement that he's retiring from his show to their advantage.

Michael Warren of The Weekly Standard posted a screen shot of a Democratic e mail sent out immediately after Stewart went public with his news offering recipients an opportunity to thank Jon Stewart for reporting 16 years of news with a Democratic slant.  Oh, and to contribute to the Democratic Party while you're at it. 

Below this is a pitch for contributions and where and how to send it.

They could not have used Stewart's picture and Comedy Central logo without permission of those involved.

In the same e mail, other prominent Democrats weigh in, praising Stewart. Former President Bill Clinton (D) tweeted

Jon Stewart's departure raises 2 Qs: 1) Where will I get my news each night? 2) Does this mean he's doing a sequel to Death to Smoochy?

Multi millionaire Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) praised him

Washington is rigged for the big guys - and no person has more consistently called them out for it than Jon Stewart. Good luck, Jon!

Will news of NBC's "suspension" of anchor Brian Williams inspire another Democratic fund raising e mail offering support for him during his persecution by conservatives thus finally admitting the other big lie that network news is politically objective  is wrong?

We're waiting.