Jobs for Jihadis

Moved by the plight of jobless Muslims in oil rich and not so oil rich Muslim countries forced into terrorism because of their alienation from humanity, Americans of all backgrounds have finally found Marie Harf's nuance by listening to their community organizer president and are eager to help these powerless people

The ever creative Dana Loesch held a Jobs for Jihadis job fair.

Other Americans took to blogs, twitter and other social media with helpful suggestions.

"Crash test dummies - will train."

"Mid flight wheel well inspectors"

'Targets for laser designators"

"Cannon Fodder"

Sex therapist and rape counselor"

The many interesting suggestions at #Jobs for ISIS  cannot be mentioned at family friendly American Thinker.

But...but...could it be that these so called disenfranchised Muslims are really quite enfranchised, don't want to work and really, really hate? That's the verdict of Uruguay's president Jose Mujica who graciously accepted former Guantanamo terrorist detainees.

Uruguay's president has accused six former Guantanamo Bay inmates of lacking a work ethic and being 'middle class' for refusing to get jobs since arriving in the South American country three months ago.

President Jose Mujica has appeared to criticise the men, who were locked up for more than 12 years in the American detainment camp in Cuba, saying they lacked a work ethic.

But the men are equally disappointed with their new lives - with one telling the press they had simply swapped one prison for another.

The men arrived in Montevideo in December, after Mujica said his country would take them in and help them get resettled. 

The six, who were detained as suspected militants with ties to al-Qaeda in 2002 but were never charged, were cleared for release in 2009.

But they were stuck in Guantanamo for the next five years because they could not be sent home - and no one wanted them, until Uruguay stepped into the breach. 

It offered them a residential facility to study Spanish, learn about Uruguayan culture and integrate to their new home - which has about 300 Muslim residents out of a total population of 3.3million.

A labour union was drafted in to help find the men work, but it has since said the men have turned down jobs they have been offered.

Local newspapers reported they were supposed to start work this month in the construction industry.

Maybe if Uruguay offered them terrorist jobs they would be happy.