Islamic State Copycats Coming Soon To A Country Near You

In a country where violent crime is exceedingly rare, Japanese police on Friday arrested three teenagers suspected of being inspired by Jihadi John, the murdering savage of the Islamic State beheading videos. Following the dual beheadings of Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa, it remains to be seen how the government will tackle the Islamic issue encroaching on their country. The latest victim was just 13 years old.

The brutalized and naked body of Ryota Uemura was found in undergrowth near a river last Friday. His neck had been repeatedly hacked at, apparently with a knife, discovered nearby soaked in blood.

Low-crime Japan has been captivated by the killing, with media reporting every twist and turn in the investigation, including details of how the youngster's mobile phone was used to send a friend request on a messaging app around the time of his death.

Populist weekly Shukan Shincho reported the wounds appeared to indicate that whoever killed Ryota may have been trying to decapitate him.

Some investigators suspect (the criminals) watched Internet videos showing the execution of hostages by Islamic State (IS) fighters and sought to mimic them,' the magazine said, quoting an unnamed source close to police.

Kanagawa Police Department on Friday arrested an 18-year-old boy and two 17-year-olds, whose names were withheld because they are legally minors, on suspicion of murder, public broadcaster NHK and other media reported.

While a police spokesman declined to confirm the reports, investigators also obtained arrest warrants for two other teenagers over the murder in Kawasaki, an industrial city southwest of Tokyo, media said.

And this wasn’t all for the usually quiet nation:

Last month, Islamic State released a video demanding $200 million for the safe release of Japanese hostages Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto. Two days later, a Vine video emerged on social media showing three Japanese school girls re-enacting the horrifying video. The six second video opens with a close up of one of the girls having a black and white scarf wrapped around their face to obscure her identity.

Two girls, innocently dressed in their navy school uniform with a white cravat, are shown kneeling on the tarmac. Pretending to have their hands tied behind their back, the two school girls stare silently into the camera. Standing between them is the third friend, posing as Jihadi John. Holding a short samurai like sword in her hand, the school girl begins to mock Jihadi John's threats and gestures.

Such is her enthusiasm to imitate the blood thirsty jihadi, her two friends break into fits of giggles in front of the camera. The vine video was looped over 50,000 times before it was suspended. The identities of the girls remain unknown.

 Another Japanese social media user posted a photo showing three school boys posing as Jihadi John and the two deceased Japanese hostages just five days after the Islamic State video was released.

And then there was some random kids in Yemen who were caught playing Christians and Islamists:

The online plague of Islamic State propaganda has inspired a worrying new trend among some school children to shockingly re-enact the group’s disturbing execution videos.

The grainy mobile phone footage was reportedly filmed somewhere on the Gulf coast in Yemen.

It shows five young boys, possibly aged around 10-years-old, wearing only trousers, being led to a beach by five teenage boys.

The teenage boys are fully dressed and their faces are covered by scarfs to imitate the masked murderers from the Islamic State execution video.

Lined up on the beach, the young boys are forced to their knees and stare down at the sand whilst they await their mock execution. Each boy appears deep in character, honed from studying the videos.

Accompanied to the soundtrack of a prominent Islamic State nasheed, the cameraman attempts to replicate some of the filming techniques used by Islamic State’s film producers, al-Hayat Media Center.

Slow motion action shots and close up shots of the victims are shown in the video. Standing in the middle, one of the older boys in a white long sleeve tee-shirt and red tracksuit bottoms, begins to reel off extracts of Jihadi John’s speech.

Furiously gesticulating with his pretend knife, the older boy, face obscured by a thick scarf, rants in the style of Jihadi John before the pretend executions begin.

The chilling soundtrack of throat slitting and the final gasps of breath are played over the film whilst the boys attempt to replicate the atrocities on the Libyan beach.

The cameraman takes time to film close-up shots of the young boys, pretending to lie dead on the sand. Their motionless bodies lie face down with their hands still held behind their back.

Three older men can be seen watching in the background when the cameraman films the scene from the side.

The video even finishes with similar shots of the blood stained water at the end of the Libyan execution video

Even these Egyptian boys got in on the act and filmed their own video

Every day we find some new random country that Islamic States outreach has spread its word to thousands of new seeds of death and destruction. Now, with all 50 states having ISIS supporters currently being watched, and a glaringly obvious problem rapidly infecting Europe, it remains a total crap shoot just where and when the next attack will likely take place.   

Unless that is, Barack Obama can get them all jobs first.



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