Interfaith Christian Suicide... for Islam

Many interfaith Christians (members of the Church of Interfaith, as it were) are primarily appeasing Islam (as well as the global destructive behavior of many Muslims) because they may see themselves as tapping into the various Christian traditions of tolerance and “turning the other cheek”. Many of them are also being "morally self-indulgent" (as the moral philosopher Bernard Williams once put it). That is, they're grandstanding their own piety (or extreme goodness) vis-a-vis Islam and Muslim behavior. Turning the Other Cheek? Specifically on Jesus "turning the other cheek" and his ostensible pacifism. There have been millions of words written on this subject; though there is still a logical point which can be made here. Surely Jesus would have realized, quite readily, that there was a limit to his -- or anyone else’s -- turning of the other cheek. For example, the logical outcome of turning the other cheek for Jesus is that...(Read Full Post)