Illegal Aliens Unhappy with Shortage of Bilingual Doctors

The LA Times reported that illegal aliens are unhappy that not enough doctors speak Spanish. The article never used the words "illegal" or "undocumented" or "dreamer" or "super virtuous" or however we are to call illegal aliens nowadays; only referring to "Hispanics" who can't understand English. But since all citizens understand English, or should, I presume that the article is only talking about illegal aliens. Now let the sob story begin: Every day, chronically ill Latino patients stream into Harbor-UCLA Medical Center's family medicine clinic. Some have neglected their health because they're flummoxed or alienated by the medical system, Dr. Gloria Sanchez believes. The illegal aliens are... alienated! How ironic is that! They are also flummoxed! Have you ever seen an illegal alien flummoxed? If we put up a double layer fence across the US Mexico border, I do believe we'd see a lot of them...(Read Full Post)