Holder the 'Coward' redux

Attorney General in limbo, Eric Holder, in reference to the Islamic terrorists and their recent activities said, “We spend more time on ‘what do we call it’ as opposed to ‘what do you do about it’”.

Seems like an innocuous comment.  But then we must dissect exactly to whom Mr. Holder refers when he says “we”.  

He is addressing the National Press Club.  When he refers to the collective “we," is he really suggesting that the National Press Club members are somehow charged with “what to do about” fanatical terrorism?  Holder appears to suggest that it is within the National Press Club’s realm of responsibility to conjure up a solution.

Or, is the Holder statement more of a subliminal slip?  Is he really saying that the administration is spending more time on “what do we call it” as opposed to “what to do about it”?  Certainly he is a part of that collective “we” and it is clear that it is they, the administration, that is charged with coming up with a solution, not the National Press Club (or the American public). This interpretation seems more accurate.

Inordinate amounts of political energy and time have been dedicated to defending the label the Obama administration has chosen for Islamic terrorists who murder Christians and Jews for the only reason that they are not Muslim. Certainly Holder’s comment is completely accurate if turned upon his team - his “we," the Obama image control department.

When the Obama administration suggests that more jobs, a more Muslim friendly NASA, and an open door policy for immigration are the solutions to religion motivated murdering, indeed there isn’t enough time being dedicated to finding a solution. Or perhaps there is indeed plenty of time, but also a dearth of competent intellectual energy and talent in the Obama administration.

Perhaps Mr. Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, and Susan Rice are cowards now. Maybe an “honest debate” on what exactly these terrorists are doing, and to whom, is warranted.

As Obama and his administration attempt to control the rhetoric, manufacture false talking points, and have all such issued to us via stumbling sorority girl spokespersons, solutions to problem issues from this administration seem to be guided by peculiar trains of thought.


James Longstreet

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