Hire ISIS - they've got 'Mad Skills'

Maybe the teeny bopper spokes-babes at the State Department have it right – killing ISIS won’t work, so let’s just find them all some good jobs. After all, these guys have some “mad skills!”

Let’s take a look at some industries that would love to have workers with the skill-sets of ISIS.

Any political PR firm would love a team with such a laser-focused approach that no one, and I mean no one, doesn’t get their message. Let’s face it; most political campaigns would kill for a team that could get a message out as clearly and definitively as ISIS. And it’s not a stretch to think that ISIS would have put Romney in the White House. ISIS said they hadn’t heard back from the Hillary campaign, but that it was OK because they admitted she’d be a bit scary to work for.

And the heart-pounding edge of your seat videos would fit right in the Hollywood film industry. You just can’t look away! Who knows, maybe ISIS could have brought “I Frankenstein” to life at the box office to  at least break even, or even made “The Legend of Hercules” strong enough to fight its way out of financial trouble. In any case, Tarantino can’t hold a candle to the ISIS film team when it comes to delivering shocking suspense.

The fashion industry has always loved black, and ISIS gives you the blackest of black. Their skilled tailors have created bold commanding wardrobes that always seem to be in style. Those simple yet piercing eye-slits capture the essence of drama and intrigue. And the knife in the waist band finishes the ensemble with a “don’t even think about it” statement. This versatile outfit can either draw a crowd or disperse one, depending on your mood at the time. ISIS is definitely back in black!

The defense supply industry would pay anything to get their hands on a group that can take a 2004 Toyota Tundra and transform it into a mobile missile system or armed troop carrier; especially one that has been instrumental recently in taking over whole cities while beating back government made crap. BTW – these models are also good on gas, so they’re really environmentally friendly.

These are just a few ideas for helping the Obama administration get those out of work ISIS guys back on the right track.