Hillary's excess baggage penalty

Will Bill Clinton’s libido derail Hillary’s candidacy for president? That’s the question posed by Maureen Callahan in the New York Post today. The horndog in chief has not bothered trying to control his libido very much, and new scandals pile on old bimbo eruptions.  Once upon a time, Hillary garnered sympathy for her “stand by your man” approach, but now that she may be seeking the presidency, the question of how she would control the nation’s defense when she can’t even control her husband becomes relevant.

There is also the issue of possible abuse of underage girls being raised by Bill’s relationship with financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Neither Rick Moran nor I have the stomach to even excerpt some of the “shenanigans”  (the word chosen by Bill’s defenders during his impeachment in order to trivialize his abuse of underlings and powerless women), but for those with strong stomachs, Ms. Callahan chronicles some truly disgusting things.