Guess what other liberal lied about being shot at in 2008!

In 2008, something happened to NBC News’s Brian Williams that gave him quite a story to tell.

Brian Williams told of his dangerous and daring 2003 journey in Iraq, where the helicopter he was in was hit by an enemy RPG and went down.  Wow!  Doing your job is one thing, but doing it under enemy fire shows not only just how committed Williams is to his work, but how truly courageous and “battle-tested” he is!

But hold on… (screeching sound of phonograph needle)

Yesterday, Brian Williams recanted that story by saying that he “misremembered” being shot down by an RPG.  Funny this is; it took more than a decade for Williams to realize that he “misremembered” the incident.  Surely it couldn’t have been because some soldiers called him on the lie.

Now here’s the crazy thing: that very same year, Hillary Clinton said she and her daughter were under “sniper fire” in Bosnia.  But later, after it was proven she had lied, she admitted she had a “different memory” about the incident.  In fact, not only did Hillary lie about the sniper fire, but she lied about a couple of other things regarding the incident as well.  I guess my mom was right when she told me, “One lie always leads to another.”

Here is Hillary’s original account of the incident:

“I remember landing under sniper fire [lie #1], there was no greeting ceremony [lie #2], and we were basically told to run to our cars [lie #3].  Now that is what happened!”  Did you notice Hillary’s emphatic “that is what happened”?

Here is the truth of the incident:

Truth #1: There was NO “sniper fire.”

Truth #2: There WAS a “greeting ceremony.”

Truth #3: They DID NOT “run to our cars.”

It seems that those accounts of daring actions under hostile enemy fire were all lies to give Hillary some real-life “battle-tested” experience.  But as it turns out, just like her husband Bill, Hillary has a tough time telling the truth.  Lying is obviously a “Clinton” thing.  Good to remember going into the 2016 presidential campaign.