Experts say judge's immigration order may be hard for administration to overturn

A nice analysis by Reuters of the injunction issued by a federal judge in Texas yesterday that halted the imp[lementation of President Obama's executive orders on immigration. The injunction is not based on the president's constitutional overreach, but on an obscure law that requires the executive branch to publish its executive orders in the Federal Register and allow a time for comments. The judge rejected the administration's argument that the new executive orders were exempt from that law. Experts querried by Reuters believe that the immigration orders may be delayed for many months - perhaps years. Hanen's ruling turned on the Administrative Procedure Act's requirement that a proposed rule or regulation appear in the Federal Register so people have a chance to comment. The Federal Register is a daily journal of U.S. government proceedings. The "notice and comment" requirement acts as a brake on all presidents, slowing their plans by...(Read Full Post)