DHS shuns the label 'Islamic' extremists but is okay with 'Christian' extremists

A quote from the Department of Homeland Security report issue April of 2009.

“Antigovernment conspiracy theories and “end times” prophecies could motivate extremist individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition, and weapons. These teachings also have been linked with the radicalization of domestic extremist individuals and groups in the past, such as violent Christian Identity organizations and extremist members of the militia movement. “

This is taken from a report issued by the Department of Homeland Security authored under the Obama administration and more specifically at the hand of Janet Napolitano.

It is repetitive to continually point out the hypocrisy of this administration.  It seems approved to mention Christians and extremism in the same sentence and, in an official report.  “Christian Identity organizations”.  Contrast and compare to the news of today.

Yet what became more striking from reading this ten page report (which I encourage you to do) is how patently incorrect the report is in predicting and cautioning about the security of our nation.

The report is rife with cautions of right wing groups and returning veterans and those who hold hatred toward the “first black President”.  Missing entirely is any mention of Islamic threats from within.

Possibilities of Fort Hood, Boston Marathon Bomber, and Underwear airplane Bomber seemed off the radar.  I search for a Christian extremist group, a militia, or a group of returning veterans causing terrorism in the United States.  I come up empty.

In short, the report seems free and easy using the words “Christian” and “extremism” in the same sentence, and in a false prediction.  Glaring is the missing mention of Islam and its threats to homeland security.  But most prominent is how wrong, how off base and inaccurate this report was in identifying the real potential threats and the coming real events that scarred our nation.  The report contains a common thread, a thread that we witness today in another form in which the President directs his “people” to speak in terms that only he and his advisors approve.  Wrong again.