Dear Jorge: Do you really want 'Hispanos' to get angry at a judge?

Jorge Ramos of Univision came out swinging at the federal judge that stopped President Obama's executive order, or was it a memo, regarding deportations.

Jorge Ramos wants Latinos to remember this in 2016, according to news reports:

"He suggested on Tuesday that Latino voters in particular would take their anger out at Republicans in 2016.

“The Texas decision clearly defines who is against immigrants in the U.S.,” 

Ramos said. “Latino voters will remember; 2016 is not that far away.” 

He also declared that Judge Andrew Hanen, who issued the injunction, “won’t have the final word” on the matter."

Here is a word for Jorge:

1) Judge Hanen did not rule on the matter of deportations.  He did not say that these people should be deported.  All he said was that President Obama violated "the rule of law" by doing it this way, as Professor McConnell wrote yesterday:

"The 123-page memorandum opinion carefully lays out the legal case against the program, concluding that the Obama administration lacks statutory authority to change the law without congressional action, and that the administration did not comply with the minimal procedural requirements of public notice and comment under the Administrative Procedure Act."

This is about "the rule of law" not "Hispanos". Why is that so hard to understand?

2) Jorge is right that Latinos should remember all of this in 2016. Yes, they should remember that it was President Obama and Democrat majorities that didn't do a thing about immigration reform. Maybe the Democrats will take Hispanos seriously if they stop blindly supporting the party that makes promises and does not keep them.

Last but not least, Jorge is originally from Mexico. I'm sure that he remembers how "presidencialismo" (presidential-ism) corrupted Mexico. I'm sure that he remembers how Mexican presidents went around the legislature and issued executive decrees without respect for the rule of law. Doesn't he remember how President Lopez-Portillo expropriated private banks in 1982 without regard for property law? It pushed the country into a deep recession and it took years for investors to believe in Mexico again.   

I happened to be living in Mexico in 1982 when all of this was going on. Many Mexicans told me that this would have never have happened in the U.S. Why not? Because we have a Judge Hanen with the courage to stop an out of control executive.

Jorge Ramos needs to calm down or some of us will think that he is in the tank for Obama.

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